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Swedish IOM Ranking 8

The four man strong IOM-Team Finland who competed at the nordics in Denmark and in Saltsjöbaden a couple of weeks ago took the trip over the gulf to sail at the last Swedish ranking event of the year.
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Testing VFD and AC induction motor

The stock 600 W DC motor on the CNC-converted Opti BF 20 burned out and had to be replaced.

Jari got a 750 W ABB AC induction motor to replace it and found this used VFD for driving it. Here we are testing the VFD for the first time and it seems to work OK. Acceleration and braking speed is great compared to the old DC-drive.

There's a normally-open start switch (black), a normally closed stop switch (red), an SPDT direction switch (blue), and a linear 10k pot (black) for adjusting the speed. Next step is to build a proper front panel for the switches. The VFD also has a 0-5 V load output which would be nice to monitor while machining.

I've started a new category, CNC, for everything related to CNC control and machines. Hopefully I'll have more to post about these things in the future...

Fixed problems with permalinks and stattraq/mostwanted

For a while now I have had the stattraq and mostwanted plugins installed. The idea is that stattraq logs statistics of how many users are visiting, which pages are popular etc. into a database. Then mostwanted picks out the most popular posts and lists them in the sidebar on the left.

Up until now I have only got the text "no results available" from mostwanted due to a problem with handling permalinks in stattraq. But today with some help from nice people on the #wordpress IRC channel I got it fixed. There are two things that need to be done.
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Spektrum Receiver Antenna Modification

This is the modified Spektrum receiver I have been using with my Futaba 3VCS this season.
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Measuring the closeness of competition ?

I've been wondering if it is possible to measure the level of competition in IOM regattas. Here's one way to possibly do it. I've looked at the winning skippers net score and divided that with the number of races. So we can see that to win a world championship you don't have to win every race - an average score of around 4-7 will do !
The green dots are from various national championship scores I've found.
The red squares are nordic events - I see a clear increasing trend !
The blue dot's is our national Finnish ranking series - we see that there is still room for improvement.

Ofcourse this is not an ideal way of measuring the level of competition. If one single skipper takes command of most of the races the racing behind him/her might still be really fun... but I do think my plot shows something of the truth.

If anyone wants to send in results with the number of races sailed, the number of discards, and the winners points, I'd be happy to add them to this plot when I have time.

Update: Odd-Oivind Kure commented that what this really shows is not the level, but the 'closeness' of competition. That's true, so I've changed the title. (although from looking at the graph there definitely seems to be correlation between level and closeness).

2005 Nordic Cup 3: Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm

25 sailors from the nordic countries (DEN, FIN, NOR, SWE) gathered in Saltsjöbaden, just south of Stockholm, on the weekend of 15-16 October 2005 to sail in the third and final Nordic Cup event in the IOM class.
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NJK Höstregatta

I was on the race committee when NJK arranged the last dinghy regatta for the season. In between laying the top marks and checking that the course was reasonably straight I had time to take some pictures.
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Noux lines plan

Draft lines plan for the Noux.

Montpellier, France

With a travel grant from the Chancellor I was able to attend the IUPAB & EBSA International Biophysics Congress in Montpellier 27 Aug - 1 Sep 2005.

Here are some pictures from the trip.
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Blog launched. The idea is to move over all my previously separate webpages to this system: homepage, iom-pictures, iom-info, and radiosailing links.

moving all the material will take some time...

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