Action-camera test-ride

First test of newest toy, a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 action-camera.
This mode records one 4k frame every second, together with the in-camera GPS position and data from ANT+ heart-rate, cadence, and speed sensors. No idea on how long the battery lasts in this mode yet.

Spjutsund 94k

Windy and quite warm.

Kyrkslätt 100k

Mostly warm and sunny with some slight rain. First 100k this year!

Tour de Sibbo

A loop around sipoonkorpi. 87 km in total.

Not too warm and a bit windy.

Söderkulla Eightyfive

A bit of rain at the start but then dry. New brake/shift cables and bar-tape on the road-bike.

Platform Pedals

Xpedo Utmost 16 - cheaper, a bit smaller, quite long/large pins. New, so not sure how well the bearings will last.

Raceface Atlas - more expensive, large platform, smaller/shorter pins, low and thin. Some bearing problems on one side...


Brake Pads

New Shimano M05 Fibre brake pads on the single-speed bike. The old ones were stock TRP SP10.1 pads.

Sunday Sub-2 ride: Watopia mountain route

I wonder if they archive results on Zwiftpower forever: ?

Group-ride on the zwift mountain route today.

Chain change

Better late than never, changed chain on the roadbike. 0.8 links of stretch is hopefully not so much that the sprockets and front rings are worn out and will slip with the new chain.

Söderkulla Sixty

Easy rolling around in fairly warm weather.


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