Tour de Sibbo

A loop around the Sipoonkorpi National Park. Warm +26 C or so at the start. Around 67 km in total. Almost the same route as in June 2017.

ca 67 km.

Korso MTB

Some MTB-trails in Korso today. Still some snow in places. Around 14km.


Might be some of the last weekends this season for biking in decent weather... Mostly easy but hilly gravel paths from Oittaa heading north to Solvalla, then back south along the main road.

Poronpolun Polkaisu

Poronpolun polkaisu is an easygoing MTB event at Räyskälä in Loppi. A bit of gravel roads, lot's of easy to ride good trails, and some short technical bits. They say that the trails are some of the best for MTB in southern Finland!

Time-lapse for garmin virb camera. Battery lasted about 2 hours. Go see more and better Poronpulku videos on youtube.
Organizers map and GPX-route. We rode most of it but didn't have time (and energy?) for the westward loop. Garmin Edge 520 battery died about 3/4ths into the ride so the last bit is recorded with the 735xt instead.

Luukki MTB 23k

A bit of rain but not too bad, quite warm.

Most of the narrow trails on the northern/westward part of the route were too difficult for me to ride. The beginning and end were on gravel-roads so no worries there.

Luukki MTB 'half-course' ca 23 km.

Pirttibacka MTB 25k


Maybe Luukki MTB next week?

Action-camera test-ride

First test of newest toy, a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 action-camera.
This mode records one 4k frame every second, together with the in-camera GPS position and data from ANT+ heart-rate, cadence, and speed sensors. No idea on how long the battery lasts in this mode yet.

Spjutsund 94k

Windy and quite warm.

Kyrkslätt 100k

Mostly warm and sunny with some slight rain. First 100k this year!

Tour de Sibbo

A loop around sipoonkorpi. 87 km in total.

Not too warm and a bit windy.

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