Firmaliiga Pirttimäki


#1 probably 30s lost due to indecision and slight uncertainty because everyone else around me had another course and ran in other directions...

#2 OKish but not a great split

#3 went for the wrong stone when inside the control circle. At least +30s again.

#4 could have chose a straighter route in the beginning. #5 and #6 quite OK.

#7 zigzag along paths. Then #8-#9-#10-#11-F fairly OK again.

a good servant but a bad master?

Seen on the bus today:

Yep, that's a GPS-screen top left. No need for the driver to know left from right, where the bus is, the route, or think much anything any more.

Back in the Good Old Days if you took a taxi the driver was actually supposed to know where you were going. Not so any more, especially at the airport. Given an address, the driver will probably not know which city or suburb to go to. After you write down your address on a piece of paper (been there, done that), since the driver speaks neither of our domestic languages, the journey proceeds exactly along the GPS trail. If they do the same with buses, install satellite-navigation everywhere, will it be good or bad?

How long before someone drives a bus into the water or off a cliff?