Olofsborg by Night

Artist Kari Kola, "Luminous 100"

See also: Nyslott.


Citadelle de Besancon.  EFTF-IFCS 2017 this week in Besancon.

Parc de Saint-Cloud

Paris from parc de Saint-Cloud.

Bruxelles and Paris


ITSF2016 last week including a visit to the Strahov library.



Olavinlinna, the northernmost medieval stone fortress still standing.

Helvetinjärvi, Seitseminen

Some hiking in Helvetinjärvi ("Lake of Hell") and Seitseminen national parks.

Torino, Italia

I'm in Torino for the School on Optical Clocks, and some work at INRIM.

Piazza vittorio veneto to the left, the river Po in the middle, and the bridge vittorio Emanuele I to the right.


Olympic Arch

20150705_145255 - 20150705_145321_fused

Samsung galaxy S4 mini phone + hugin panorama creator.

Dwingeloo Radio Telescope

I attended a VLBI-meeting at Groningen and had a chance to see the Dwingeloo radio telescope at JIVE.

The telescope is now run by amateurs and among other things they do moonbounce experiments.

20141111_122107 - 20141111_122124_blended_fused


Furka Pass and the Rhone Glacier

On the way back from EFTF2014 in Neuchatel to Zurich airport we took the scenic route via Grimsel Pass (2165 m) and Furka Pass (2429 m), stopping to look at the ever shrinking Rhone Glacier on the way.


Google map view of the area:





See also: a video that compares the footage in the 1964 James Bond movie "Goldfinger" to views in 2011.



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