MicroMagic videos

Three A-heat races from Saturday.
There were a lot of cameras around, so I hope some more (better quality!) material appears on youtube soon (please add a link below in the comments!).

The quality of these clips improve slightly by selecting the "480p" mode on youtube.

A lot of shouting at the start of this one, audio swapped to something more pleasant to protect the innocent and the guilty...

I wonder if the newer camera-phones have better video than the N95? But deciding on a new phone means choosing between android vs. symbian vs. meego - which isn't easy...

Balatonkenese, Hungary

In Hungary it is very important to have a fence around your house. The fence should have barb-wire or sharp pointy things at the top, and a sign saying "Tilos". Up to three exclamation marks after "Tilos" can be used for extra effect. An angry barking dog is optional.

I managed one A-heat, two-three B-heats, and a lot of fooling around and getting crashed into in the C-heat. Probably need to get the Mk1 fin and rudder as they seem to be popular. Lighter batteries also maybe, to have the total weight of the boat close to the minimum (860g?).

A bit of running too during the weekend:


Magic Rigs

Building new B and C rigs should be an almost foolproof way of making sure there will be nothing but A-rig during the event on the weekend. We will see.

2010 IOM Nordic Champs

Update2: youtube-videos

Update: final results: http://www.rc-purjehdus.net/2010/09/2010-iom-nordic-championships-%E2%80%93-day-2/

Only 9 skippers (6 FIN, 3 SWE) in this years IOM Nordic Championships, held at NJK Björkholmen, Helsinki.

There are more pictures in picasa: http://picasaweb.google.com/anders.e.e.wallin/2010IOMNordicChampionships#

Preliminary results from day 1: http://www.rc-purjehdus.net/2010/09/2010-iom-nordic-championships-day-1/

I have some incredibly shaky video material shot with the 500D and 70-200 lens which I may or may not upload to youtube later.