Aluerastit Kuusijärvi - in the dark

Night orienteering! Always a bit harder to see the surroundings and easier to make mistakes.


Iltarastit Solvalla

A loop around #1, then OK until #3, but followed someone else towards #4 and lost the plot. Tired legs for the rest of the course.


Iltarastit Luukki


Iltarastit Paloheinä

No big mistakes. Worst split is #6 which came just after a long run along the road to #5. 13th/93 overall.


Firmasprintti Kartanonkoski

17 minutes of zigzagging around a small 1:4000 map. Much too careful/slow to #1, after that OKish. The GPS-trace is badly offset...


Itärastit Salmenkallio

No GPS so a hand-drawn map instead 😉

OK run until #3, then too soon up into the hill (before the steep cliff) for #4. #6 was maybe the most difficult.

Warm +21C or so.


Firmaliiga Solvalla

Decent run for a change, 11th out of 60 runners on the E-track. Just past the wrong stone on #1 and a ~2 min loop back. Drifted into the blue swamp a bit on #6->#7 but nothing too bad. Maybe too safe along the path to #9. After climbing the hill I searched right for #12 when it was just to the left.

Light rain and maybe +17C.


Firmaliiga Haukkalampi

Long time no run.

Decent on 1-2-3, then problems on #4, an empty hill that was difficult also last year. Again decent to #5 but then very slow down the hill towards #6 and no good plan for how to find the difficult #6.


Solvalla next week.

Pirttibacka kiintorastit, south

88: could have taken the road to "3" on 39.

95: completely lost on top of the hill close to the control.

37: almost too safe southern trail route.


Pirttibacka kiintorastit, north

92: very messy first control...

86: wet route-choice followed by messing around on top of the hill close to the control.


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