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Category Archives: IOM Worlds 2007

IOM Worlds report in Pienoismalli

I wrote a short report from the Marseilles IOM-Worlds which appears in the latest issue of Pienoismalli.

More Marseilles pics

Here's David Potter's GBR20 Lintel. Note how high the gooseneck is. The boat is not so fast in light weather, so this is an attempt to get the rig higher up and gain some speed in the light stuff. Home-made gooseneck with laser-cut stainless steel bearing holders at the top and bottom (note adjustable holder […]

IOM details from Marseilles

Here are some detail pictures from last week that I thought were interesting. Graham Bantock's Topiko. Note quick-release bottlescrew and deck-fitting far right. Also note how the cunningham is threaded through a plate with holes around the mast. I think this gives a variable cunningham tension (tight on the beat, looser on the run?) Recessed […]

Racing Day 6

Final day of the 2007 IOM Worlds today, two more races completed. Much colder today! #1 rig wind coming and going from different directions at 0900. 1028 22D finishes. The first two heats use courses with starboard roundings, but later the race committee switches to port roundings. 1048 22C finishes 1132 22B finishes 1147 22A […]

Racing Day 5

0900 No wind 0929 an attempt to start 17A is made, but there's still not much wind 0951 now there is a bit of wind and 17A has one general recall before starting 1019 18E general recall 1021 18E starts, but the wind dies almost completely. Most boats finish within the time limit, but a […]

Racing Day 4

Four more races completed today with only the A-heat of the fifth race to sail tomorrow morning (we then have 17 completed races all together). Results after 16 races here. 0900 lots more wind today, looks like it's going to increase, but #1 would still be the choice at 0900. It's coming from the opposite […]

Racing Day 3

Five more races completed today in the same shifty/gusty over-land no1 rig breeze as the two days before. The first beat is a bit longer today, and the course is made longer by having a long final upwind beat and finishing between the top-mark and the offset-mark. Results here. 0926 8E starts, general recall 0930 […]

Racing Day 2

Race 4 was completed today, and we sailed three more races in sunny, light, and shifty/gusting no1 rig weather. 0928 race 4C is done. I make a good start and round ca 4th, but the first reach doesn't go too well. I try to protect the inside, but that means the windward boats are stealing […]

Racing Day 1

Three full races (E-D-C-B-A) and two heats (4E and 4D) sailed today at the Worlds. I've forgotten just how much waiting these big championships consist of... for fun I wrote down some times on paper: 0900: Yep, my prediction from yesterday is correct. There's no wind and the AP-flag is up. 1042: The E-heat of […]

Measurement day

It's the first day of the 2007 IOM Worlds organized by YCPR in Marseille France. The first day is spent on measuring all the boats, and some practice sailing + an opening ceremony in the evening. The pool is apparently for washing the boats from the salty Mediterranean water. Online results and pictures from the […]