500mA low-noise voltage regulator LT3045 (in contrast to the older but lower current 200mA LT3042)


1 GHz buffer amplifier BUF602.


low noise voltage regulator LT3042

SFP connector footprint

Single SFP/SFP+ SMD-connector and cage footprint.

AD8015 transimpedance amplifier

AD8015, 10 kOhm transimpedance 240 MHz bandwidth photodiode amplifier.

SFP Connector

20pin SMD connector + cage for SFP transceiver.


Some views of 1 Gbit/s (that's 1.25 GHz, or 800 ps per bit) synchronous ethernet bit-patterns.

4 GHz 'scope

We got this 4 GHz 'scope at work. 111 ps is roughly as expected for the rise-time of a fast edge. Signal from a leo bodnar pulse generator.

RA0SMS mini-whip

New RA0SMS mini-whip antenna on the roof. The old one lasted from 2017/02 to 2018/10.


ONET1191P, Limiting amplifier for up to 11 Gbps.

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