Iltarastit Kivikko

Missing the control circle on #2 from the large stones about 75m away, +5 min. Then too large a detour to #5 and about +4 min there. Otherwise mostly OK. Maybe +12 C and glimpses of sun.

Iltarastit Solvalla

As daylight disappears Iltarastit moves to Sundays. +11 C or so. Too nervous right after stepping off the path towards #1. Then quite tentative towards #21. The long compass-legs 5-4 and 8-16 look surprisingly good.

Iltarastit Luukki, 7k

Time to start the autumn orienteering season - itärastit starts this week, and there are three firmaliiga events starting next tuesday.

OK going on #1-#4, then quite challenging legs and controls on #5-#7. Had no good plan for finding #10, just wandering in the right direction, when a clearer plan via the stone lower down the hill would have been better.

Iltarastit Svedängen

Yahoo the orienteering season 2017 has been opened!

Easy orienteering on a well-known area/map 😉 Still managed to be confused at #2 about the control-code, and then a small loop around #10.

Iltarastit Solvalla

A loop around #1, then OK until #3, but followed someone else towards #4 and lost the plot. Tired legs for the rest of the course.


Iltarastit Luukki


Iltarastit Paloheinä

No big mistakes. Worst split is #6 which came just after a long run along the road to #5. 13th/93 overall.


Iltarastit Paloheinä

Two extra turns towards #4. Very slow to #7 for some reason.

Windy and quite cold maybe +6C.


Iltarastit Kivikko

  • #17 zigzag down the hill in the wrong direction - there would have been a path to take..
  • #6 a small hook inside the control circle
  • #8 ran well past the control to #11 and then slowly back to punch at #8
  • again past #9 to take a look at #10. The slightly the wrong direction towards #9
  • on #25 I passed close, but above, the control and then circled back.


Iltarastit Postintaival

Sprint-like course in Helsinki central park. 23 legs over 7 km is about 300 m per leg on average.

Three-four smaller and larger mistakes.

  • after a good start at #1 I zigzag towards #2 via the wrong hill. maybe +1min
  • down from #3 I take the wrong path to the bigger road. maybe +1min
  • towards #14 I should have taken the same path as on the #9-#10 leg but instead make a loop to the right. +2min at least
  • Out of #18 I first have the map 180-degrees wrong and take a few steps south before realizing I should go north. Then I read the #6-#5 line for a while before realizing I should go to #19. Crossing lines like this are always dangerous! Maybe +2min and the worst split.


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