The price of Canon lenses

I'll be visiting the US again in a month or so - a good opportunity to do some photography shopping. I've made a list of a subset of EF-lenses by Canon and looked up the prices at local webshop, the German, and compared these to The conclusion from the histogram below is something I sort of knew beforehand, but I'm still a bit shocked by how big the price difference is.

Compared to Finland, it's (10 +/- 7) % cheaper to buy your lenses from Germany. And it's a huge (38 +/- 9) % cheaper to get them from the US! (I've used the current dollar/euro rate of 1.3)

(click image above to download a pdf)

Check this out: EF-135 f/2.8 SoftFocus, 71% cheaper in the US, or look at the EF-28/2.8, 63 % cheaper!

disclaimer: this is not the complete set of EF-lenses, prices checked from the corresponding websites 26.1.2009, your mileage may vary.