Can you see the double rainbow?

HCR2011 panorama

Some of the ~10500 Helsinki city run finishers on Saturday 7.5.2011 at Helsinki olympic stadium:

Ubuntu now seems to ship with hugin panorama creator which did a good job of merging these four C7shots.


event site: www.icebreak.fi

Canon 20D with EF-200/2.8L lens.

6 mR mark rounding

Jari put together this piece of youtube art from the Sunday photos.

2009 Musto Classic Regatta

Arranged by Brändö Seglare, the Musto Classic Regatta attracted an entry of 53 boats.

Pictures from Sunday 30.8.2009 all taken from the tip of Katajanokka with a Canon 20D and a 70-200/4L lens.

Picasa Web Album

I've created a Picasa Web Album for some sailing pictures shot today from the end of Katajanokka:

I wonder if the 1 Gb space will be enough. On the other hand flickr.com only seems to offer 100 Mb (?)

Flowers etc.


The price of Canon lenses

I'll be visiting the US again in a month or so - a good opportunity to do some photography shopping. I've made a list of a subset of EF-lenses by Canon and looked up the prices at local webshop verkkokauppa.com, the German ac-foto.com, and compared these to bhphotovideo.com. The conclusion from the histogram below is something I sort of knew beforehand, but I'm still a bit shocked by how big the price difference is.

Compared to Finland, it's (10 +/- 7) % cheaper to buy your lenses from Germany. And it's a huge (38 +/- 9) % cheaper to get them from the US! (I've used the current dollar/euro rate of 1.3)

(click image above to download a pdf)

Check this out: EF-135 f/2.8 SoftFocus, 71% cheaper in the US, or look at the EF-28/2.8, 63 % cheaper!

disclaimer: this is not the complete set of EF-lenses, prices checked from the corresponding websites 26.1.2009, your mileage may vary.

High tide

This chart shows how the water level has been at around +100 cm from normal lately.

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