Itärastit Salmenkallio

Zigzag around salmenkallio. Easy pace, but 8-9-10 looks pretty crooked anyway. Maybe +13 C.

Itärastit Paloheinä

Decent running for a change... I decided to run without compass on this easy map, and this seems to sharpen the mind and senses. 5th overall until control #3, but then dropping to 9th on #4 and 10th at the finish. The route choice to #4 is maybe too safe, driven by the lack of a compass (see also #11)..


Itärastit Ämmässuo

OK running in the easy terrain north of 4/10, but more south 6-7 and 8-9 in particular were slow and difficult.

This is an ISOM2017 map, with new and slightly different use of map symbols.

Itärastit Latokartano, 7k

Autumn-season 2017 opening for Itärastit. Choosing where to go up or down the steep hill to hit the control is always hard, here problems at #6, #7, and #13. The edges of the map both around #10 in the south and around #15 in the north are fairly simply drawn and in need of an update. Warm +22 C and humid.

Itärastit Salmenkallio

About +11 to +13C with a cold-ish wind. After the first start at 11:00 they were out of maps by 12:00 - thus this less than ideal hand-drawn map. Quite good from the start towards the south, but then a few mistakes, J-curves and loops towards the end. I'm happy this course didn't have controls in the top left corner which has way too many map symbols... Around 65 min with maybe 10 min of mistakes.

Itärastit Latokaski, B 5km

Warm +18C. Quite easy course/map.

#4 is the best split (top-ten), about 2/3rds along paths and then up the hill to the control. #9 is the worst split, didn't find a clear path through the field and the lack of fitness sets in towards the end of the course. 20th out of about 85 overall.

Itärastit Latokartano B-baana

T-shirt weather (warm for this spring!) and a course that avoids the boring fields on the left half of the map. A bit wrong down the hill to #4, then past #5 to the road and back.

Itärastit Svedängen

Good challenging course on an easy map. No compass. Windy and cold with more rain, wind, and snow forecast for the afternoon.

A loop past #1, then bit too far past #2, again a loop at #6.

Itärastit Kasberget

Cityscape orienteering on a 1:7500 map where features approach you sooner than you think.

Long running legs to #1, #3, and #5 to get the body warmed up and oxygen flowing. My route-choice towards #6 looks quite crooked, straighter might have been faster. After #7 there was a control visible higher up which I had to check out before realizing it wasn't #8 😉 Out of #9 it looked like a good idea to run straight under the water-tower (cross-hatched disk on the map) but in reality there was a fence or gate..

Itärastit Salmenkallio

No GPS so a hand-drawn map instead 😉

OK run until #3, then too soon up into the hill (before the steep cliff) for #4. #6 was maybe the most difficult.

Warm +21C or so.


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