RF Multiplexer - first try

And now an entry in the "Plan to throw one away" section.

RF Multiplexer, 8 inputs, 1 output, BNC-connectors, TE HF3 relays specified to 3 GHz, an ULN2803A to pull the relay-coil, and an SPI I/O expander to drive the ULN - should be easy - right?

Well no, PCB trace-geometry does strange things beyond VHF. I clearly don't grok UHF very well.

Onward towards version 2! (any thoughts and advice on simulation or trace-geometry optimizers appreciated!)


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Now, is the radio supposed to be on when it says "ON" (i.e. "click here to turn ON", or "I'm ON" ?), and the button is yellow and shows a "play"-arrow, or when it says "OFF" (i.e. "click here to turn OFF", or "I'm OFF"?), and the button is yellow and shows a "play"-arrow?

This wouldn't be a problem if there actually was audio at either setting, but having tried Firefox and Chromium under Ubuntu, and then Chrome, Firefox, 64-bit IE (which doesn't have Flash) and 32-bit IE on Windows 7, I still haven't heard any of the radio broadcast 🙁

Why oh why can't they send the radio broadcast over an open protocol so you can listen to it with VLC or some other generic player?

And, dear IBM-engineers, please re-do the radio UI, thanks.