Iltarastit Paloheinä night-o

A bit windy but quite warm and good temperature for running. Fairly easy course but it's always more fun in the darkness 😉

Itärastit paloheinä

Fairly easy course avoiding the big hill. Bad direction out of #1 towards #2, otherwise mostly OK.

Warm +21C or so.

Itärastit Paloheinä A-baana

#1-#4 mostly OK along paths, #5 was a bit hidden.

Very close to #12 on the first try but ran past it and looped back for another try 😉

Stay tuned for Hollola-Jukola in one week..

Itärastit Paloheinä

No major problems with the orienteering - perhaps a sign of too easy slow route-choices?

Itärastit Paloheinä

Decent running for a change... I decided to run without compass on this easy map, and this seems to sharpen the mind and senses. 5th overall until control #3, but then dropping to 9th on #4 and 10th at the finish. The route choice to #4 is maybe too safe, driven by the lack of a compass (see also #11)..


Paloheinä 9k trail-jog

A 9k loop around paloheinä. Here's a skewed panorama of the vantaa river:

Itärastit Svedängen

Good challenging course on an easy map. No compass. Windy and cold with more rain, wind, and snow forecast for the afternoon.

A loop past #1, then bit too far past #2, again a loop at #6.

Iltarastit Svedängen

Yahoo the orienteering season 2017 has been opened!

Easy orienteering on a well-known area/map 😉 Still managed to be confused at #2 about the control-code, and then a small loop around #10.

Iltarastit Paloheinä

No big mistakes. Worst split is #6 which came just after a long run along the road to #5. 13th/93 overall.


Itärastit Paloheinä

Mostly good running speed on a fairly simple map/course.

Probably +3 minues at #2, not finding the planned southern path between #1-#2. After that quite OK until a bit of hesitation approaching #8.


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