Iltarastit Solvalla

As daylight disappears Iltarastit moves to Sundays. +11 C or so. Too nervous right after stepping off the path towards #1. Then quite tentative towards #21. The long compass-legs 5-4 and 8-16 look surprisingly good.

Iltarastit Solvalla

A loop around #1, then OK until #3, but followed someone else towards #4 and lost the plot. Tired legs for the rest of the course.


Firmaliiga Solvalla

Decent run for a change, 11th out of 60 runners on the E-track. Just past the wrong stone on #1 and a ~2 min loop back. Drifted into the blue swamp a bit on #6->#7 but nothing too bad. Maybe too safe along the path to #9. After climbing the hill I searched right for #12 when it was just to the left.

Light rain and maybe +17C.


Kiintorastit Solvalla

Cloudy and a bit windy but fairly warm (this being November already..)
Fairly relaxed pace with no major mistakes.


Iltarastit Solvalla

Only bigger mistake towards the end on #20 crossing the swamp and then correcting right - maybe +1min.
Otherwise quite ok in about +12C and sunshine.


Kiintorastit Solvalla

Another run on the Solvalla map with fixed controls. Last one was in April.

Problems on the second control (#50) where at first I didn't know exactly where on the dashed path I had come down from the hill, and then inside the control circle I looked for stones north up the hill when the control-stone was lower down in the forest.


Solvalla kiintorastit, 5km

Still snow on the ground for maybe 30% of the route. Quite wet and soft.

Mostly ok but just inside the #32 control circle we somehow lost faith and did a loop in the wrong direction.


Iltarastit, Solvalla


Nice going on four out of eight legs of the course.

Out of #1 I have the wrong direction and loose 2-3minutes probably.

#5 (3 on the map) is a horrible mess where I drift down the correct hill not really knowing where I am - worst split by far 🙁

Firmaliiga 5/2014, Solvalla


The second firmaliiga event this fall, at Solvalla quite close to the first one.

Close to #1 I should have had a better plan - I've just graced the control-circle and then looked in the wrong direction for some random big stone. Around 90 s lost.

#2-#3 quite OK. To #4 my route is probably too zigzaggy - less turns and leaving all the green areas to the left(north) is probably better.  To #5 the paths on the left were apparently a bit clearer and faster? To #6 I was too high up the hill and didn't find the path.

#7-F is quite OK again.

Iltarastit Solvalla

Last orienteering run before Jukola - maybe mistakes made now means there are none left in the bag for Jukola?


K-1-2 nothing special. #2 is best split.
3 more north out of #2 would have been less steep downhill, and would have found the road sooner.
4 crazy mistake although I was inside the control circle on 2 or 3 occasions..
5-6-7-8 nothing special
9 split is slow but GPS-trace follows line OKish. Maybe a little south would have been faster.
10-11-12 OKish, but there is no excuse for not running straight along the 11-12 line.
13 came up from the flat "Punjonsuo" a little more left than had planned, but was easily on the map again.

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