Paloheinä 5km

Some more skiing - two months since the season opening...

Paloheinä 7 km

XC skiing season opening! 7.4 km on the flat fields of Paloheinä.

They say all the snow might melt away next week...


Skiing summary

A picture with all the skiing from earlier this week. Roughly the places visited on the route, with some random links. See also Ylläksen latureittiopas.

Friday 48k

Thursday 44k

Mylly hiihto (link describes the course in the reverse direction we did it)

Wednesday 42k

Around Ylläs. Again the snow is soft and slow towards the afternoon. And it's raining.

Tuesday 40k

About +1C already in the morning, so in the sun it gets very warm, soft, and slow by the afternoon.

Monday 57k

A flight north to Kittilä to escape the spring in Helsinki and enjoy what's left of the winter during a week of skiing in Äkäslompolo (Ylläs).
Started off the week with a 57km trip:

skiing: petikko, 9km

Did two laps around the 4.7 km cross-country skiing track at petikko today. I should learn some better skating technique...

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