Itärastit Stormossen/Spjutsund

Slow pace today due to both tired legs and slow greenish terrain. The controls were grouped into two groups with a slightly boring 'tunnel' run between the areas. OK until #4, but not the greatest direction towards #5, and then after wading through the swamp and green area towards #10 I decided from within the control-circle to go check that the yellow swamp on the right really is there... (#10 was probably the hardest control on this map). Good weather around +18 C.

SuperMicro Atom C2000 fix (5018A-MLTN4 with A1SAM-2550F)

We've had a number of Atom C2000 machines die during the past 1-2 years. The most recent one ran continuously since 2015 until 2020/05. The randomly dying machines are SuperMicro 5018A-MLTN4 with A1SAM-2550F motherboard.

Via EEVBlog we now found this simple fix. And it works!

Amazingly SuperMicro or other vendors don't seem to advertize or talk about this simple fix very much...