Amphenol B6252HB-NPP3G-50

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Bayonet Neill–Concelman

IDT 5PB1108PGxx

This is the logic-buffer used for 1PPS in my pulse-distribution amplifier and the PICDIV2 board.

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OCXO Connor-Winfield OH300

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LMH6609MA and LMH6702MA

Opamps, in SOIC-8

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Compact frequency distribution amplifier

Stefan DK3SB, sent me this picture of his version of my frequency distribution amplifier. He modified the PCB to make it narrower (160mm), to fit a  Hammond
enclosure (about 25 euros from Farnell).

Nice work! KiCad sources and gebers hopefully to follow, on

KiCad footprint: Molex 73251-2200

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19" rack-mount for 7" R-Pi screen

An old drawing from the archives, which we hereby archive here. Drawn with Schaeffer front panel designer. Requires a further PCB-bracket that attaches to the 230x100 M3 holes and has screws that reach the back of the 7" LCD module.

Distribution Amp - S/N 16

Update2: Here's the 14-hour data together with a 14-hour noise-floor run. The ADEV and TDEV results are more or less instrument-limited. Only for phase-noise above 100Hz offset is the instrument floor significantly below the result for the distribution amplifier.

Update: Here's a 14 hour run of the residual phase noise, ADEV, and TDEV, as measured through the frequency distribution amplifier. Instrument is a Microsemi 3120A phase-meter.

Aivon has now produced around 16 of these distribution amplifiers.

There's a new op-amp which might be interesting to try for the FDA board: THS3491. It has a grounded pad under the op-amp, so we need a new EP-variant of the PCB.

KiCad symbols and footprints

Update: Molex R/A 'long-neck' SMA-connector:

Silkscreen only on board, F.fab drawing shows off-board threaded part.

I sumbitted a few pull-requests to the KiCad libraries with some parts used on recent boards. Let's see if/when they make it into the main/released libraries...

On the to-do list is to submit an SFP-connector and Cage footprint... (unless someone has already done that?).

Rabbit @ NIKHEF

Learning about WR absolute calibration at NIKHEF, Amsterdam.

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