uBlox F9T test

Test of the 1PPS stability of an uBlox F9T dev-kit RCB-F9T

Länsirastit Kasavuori

A bit of night orienteering on a small area with lots of controls.

Itärastit Ämmässuo

Long time no run..

Firmaliiga Salmi

warm, over +20C. My Garmin watch didn't get a GPS-fix at the start and it took until #3 for it to start recording.

No major mistakes but not so great running/fitness.

Itärastit Vuosaari

new map (for me). warm and sunny.

Firmaliiga Velskola

Better than last week! 35./90.

Itärastit Paloheinä

A big error on #1 and a smaller one on #2.

Firmaliiga Kattilajärvi

Not so great on #2, probably searched for it too high up the hill and also too much south. After the shock on #2 also some problems with direction towards #3.

AllanTools 2019.07

A new release of AllanTools is now available on PyPi.

Tour de Sibbo

A loop around the Sipoonkorpi National Park. Warm +26 C or so at the start. Around 67 km in total. Almost the same route as in June 2017.

ca 67 km.

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