Rabbit @ NIKHEF

Learning about WR absolute calibration at NIKHEF, Amsterdam.

Pirttibacka 10k feat. Giant's Kettle

The loop marked with yellow signs from Pirttimäki is about 8 km, so we did some bonus-metres to the south of Sorlampi to get a full 10k. As a bonus we looked at the Giant's Kettles just north of Sorlampi (arrow-marks-the-spot).
Although the weather is warm, around +6C maybe, It's fairly dark around 16-17 already 🙁

Noise Colours - again

Inspired by discussion on time-nuts, here's a revised noise-colour graph. There are a few updates: The PSDs (both phase and frequency) now cross at 1 Hz (with the relation between phase-PSD and frequency-PSD explicitly stated), and the ADEV/MDEV theoretical lines now include the formula for the pre-factor (the old graph only had 'proportional to' here).

Source: example_noise_slopes2.py

Simulated time-series with power-law noise. The relation between phase-PSD, frequency-PSD, ADEV, and MDEV is shown.

It is left as an exercise to the reader to properly explain the ADEV pre-factor for flicker-phase noise :).


Might be some of the last weekends this season for biking in decent weather... Mostly easy but hilly gravel paths from Oittaa heading north to Solvalla, then back south along the main road.

ISPCS and WR-Workshop @ CERN

ISPCS-2018 and the 10th WR-workshop were held at CERN.

Antimatter experiments: ELENA, GBAR

Poronpolun Polkaisu

Poronpolun polkaisu is an easygoing MTB event at Räyskälä in Loppi. A bit of gravel roads, lot's of easy to ride good trails, and some short technical bits. They say that the trails are some of the best for MTB in southern Finland!

Time-lapse for garmin virb camera. Battery lasted about 2 hours. Go see more and better Poronpulku videos on youtube.
Organizers map and GPX-route. We rode most of it but didn't have time (and energy?) for the westward loop. Garmin Edge 520 battery died about 3/4ths into the ride so the last bit is recorded with the 735xt instead.

Iltarastit Luukki

A few weeks of Iltarastit on Sundays now, before the end of the season.

A bit of searching inside the control circle on 23, then from 15 about 45-degrees wrong direction towards 38. Just before 39 a turn downhill and had to circle back to the control.

RF-multiplexer, 3rd prototype

This is the third prototype for the 1:8 RF-multiplexer (https://www.ohwr.org/projects/rf-mux-8ch). The board is now simplified with only one 10-pin ribbon-cable attaching it to the Arduino MKR Zero + Ethernet shield. Traco PSU for 5V supply.

Iltarastit Paloheinä night-o

A bit windy but quite warm and good temperature for running. Fairly easy course but it's always more fun in the darkness 😉

Luukki MTB 23k

A bit of rain but not too bad, quite warm.

Most of the narrow trails on the northern/westward part of the route were too difficult for me to ride. The beginning and end were on gravel-roads so no worries there.

Luukki MTB 'half-course' ca 23 km.

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