Firmaliiga 6/2015 Kattilajärvi

Full control but fairly safe along roads and paths. 5 to 6 would have probably been faster to take the road earlier. 6 to 7 instead of ZigZag maybe a loop to the right around the start would have been smarter..


Itärastit Uutela

Not careful enough when leaving the path, up the hill towards #8 - maybe 2-3 mins lost.
Otherwise no major problems.


Firmaliiga 5/2015, Salmi

OK to 1, but then a short loop around 2. Long leg along path/road to 5, and really slow down the hill and through the thick area after 6. 8 was in a difficult spot.

40th out of 58 participants - so not so great speed although no major problems with the orienteering.


PSU electrolytic cap fix

This is the PSU from a Symmetricom SyncServer NTP-server. The same capacitor has failed previously. The installed one was a 3300uF 10V cap and I replaced it with a 2200uF 16V one. Let's hope it works for a year or ten.


Firmaliiga 4/2015 Nuuksionpää

1: too much zigzag along paths with a big U-turn before the control
2: OK
3: ran past the control, then to the wrong stone (some other course had a control here), and then back to my control
4: OKish but straighter would have been better
5: OK until I was distracted by others just before the control and made a stupid loop before returning to the original plan.
6-7-F: nothing to report..

Hot and humid.


Kiintorastit Pirttimäki

Quite warm and humid on Saturday.

OK in the beginning: start-91-86-88-84-89

The last two controls were difficult, 97 on a steep downslope where we climbed the hill a bit too soon, and struggled to get down from the hill after finding the control. 92 was easy enough to get close to, but in hindsight I suspect it's not actually located in the place indicated on the map...



Karjaan Ura, monday-orienteering, Fagersten.


Halo with parhelia

circular (22 degrees? anyone want to verify that, picture taken with Samsung S4 mini) halo with parhelia at 3 oclock and 9 oclock.


Jakob halvmaraton

Without much training and without any time goal I participated in the Jakob half-marathon.

Up to 10 km things went smoothly. Then the steady uphill towards 11 km felt quite tough, although I sort of kept up the pace until about 14 km. From there it was a fight with a bit of walking now and then... The steady slow-down towards the finish shows in my 5k splits: 26:23, 27:25, 28:51, and 30:16. For comparison in 2012 on this course my 5k splits were: 23:47, 24:17, 24:20, and 24:09 - very steady and not slowing towards the end.

Here's a chart with the min/km times from the half-marathons I've run.


Next year I must remember to do one or two 90-120 minute training runs per month and things will go much smoother...

Thursday 100k

First 100+ k ride this year! A bit of rain in the middle and a steady headwind as usual :)

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