Itärastit, Nuuksio


+3min loop when just inside the control-circle at #3. I blame other runners that distracted me.

+4min loop east of #5, also from within the control-circle, because I thought I had crossed the swamp west of the control and needed to look for it more to the east.

+2min at #7 because after the big swamp it was difficult to know where exactly through the green thick area one approached the control, and I mistook the westerly big stone for the more easterly one directly on the #6-#7 control-line.

Without the mistakes that cost +9min a top-10 placing would have been possible - well maybe next time...

Wave goodbye, wish me well

FIN-43, my current Noux-design IOM, is packed and ready for shipping to its new owner next week. I made a holder for the bulb from tube-clamps, and disassmbled the rigs today. Everything fits nicely into my 110x30x26 cm boat box.

The plan for 2009 is to cnc-mill plugs and make moulds for a variant of Pikanto, Graham Bantock's latest design. It's important to use time and effort on good design and good moulds. I want the boat and the components to come out of the moulds almost ready to use. Keep it simple stupid. CAD-design time and time on the cnc-mill is cheap, hours spent moulding and hand-building are expensive (for me anyway). More about that later. It also looks like we will be milling a new set of bulb, fin, and rudder moulds in December-January. We're happy to mill moulds for other people too, but most people don't answer the second email where I tell them a fin-mould costs 500 euros (which we think is reasonable).

Noux building in Norway

Steinar from Norway sent me some more pictures of his Noux boats. He has completed the first boat (see below), and is now building a second one.

Another view of the spray-painting setup.

The bulb is home-made, cast in a plaster mould.

Here is Steinar's first boat, now completed and painted. I posted some building pictures earlier here and here.

Steinar asked if there is a Noux-logo. Sure! I just need to post it online in some common format. Stand by...

Norwegian Noux News

Steinar from Norway wrote to tell me about his Noux project. He started out building a planked wooden Noux (above), but it ended up too heavy, so instead a wooden plug was made (below)

Using this plug Steinar has now made a mould and moulded a few glassfiber Noux hulls. There's no standard deck solution for the Noux yet so Steinar has invented his own, with a central round hatch for access to the electronics.