Itärastit, Nuuksio


+3min loop when just inside the control-circle at #3. I blame other runners that distracted me.

+4min loop east of #5, also from within the control-circle, because I thought I had crossed the swamp west of the control and needed to look for it more to the east.

+2min at #7 because after the big swamp it was difficult to know where exactly through the green thick area one approached the control, and I mistook the westerly big stone for the more easterly one directly on the #6-#7 control-line.

Without the mistakes that cost +9min a top-10 placing would have been possible - well maybe next time...

Itärastit, Noux

Orienteering again after almost a month of other stuff (rogaining and hiking). The lack of practice/routine shows up as big U-turns on #1, #4, and #10 😉

Noux IOM builders in Hungary and Australia

Forster Tamas in Hungary has a nice set of pictures of his wooden Noux:

Down Under, Bill Hutch is also busy building. He has first made a wooden plug, then a mould, and finally moulded a glassfiber hull.

A Noux65 from Bangkok

Phanchita Supasirithanawat (www.rcsails.com) from Bangkok Thailand sent me these pictures of a down-scaled Noux design built to the RG65 rules. It's called a Noux65.

There is a video here http://www.rcsails.com/noux65.htm

Wave goodbye, wish me well

FIN-43, my current Noux-design IOM, is packed and ready for shipping to its new owner next week. I made a holder for the bulb from tube-clamps, and disassmbled the rigs today. Everything fits nicely into my 110x30x26 cm boat box.

The plan for 2009 is to cnc-mill plugs and make moulds for a variant of Pikanto, Graham Bantock's latest design. It's important to use time and effort on good design and good moulds. I want the boat and the components to come out of the moulds almost ready to use. Keep it simple stupid. CAD-design time and time on the cnc-mill is cheap, hours spent moulding and hand-building are expensive (for me anyway). More about that later. It also looks like we will be milling a new set of bulb, fin, and rudder moulds in December-January. We're happy to mill moulds for other people too, but most people don't answer the second email where I tell them a fin-mould costs 500 euros (which we think is reasonable).

Another Norwegian Noux

Here's a picture of Per Robert Jentsch's home-built Noux.

Noux building in Norway

Steinar from Norway sent me some more pictures of his Noux boats. He has completed the first boat (see below), and is now building a second one.

Another view of the spray-painting setup.

The bulb is home-made, cast in a plaster mould.

Here is Steinar's first boat, now completed and painted. I posted some building pictures earlier here and here.

Steinar asked if there is a Noux-logo. Sure! I just need to post it online in some common format. Stand by...

Norwegian Noux News

Steinar from Norway wrote to tell me about his Noux project. He started out building a planked wooden Noux (above), but it ended up too heavy, so instead a wooden plug was made (below)

Using this plug Steinar has now made a mould and moulded a few glassfiber Noux hulls. There's no standard deck solution for the Noux yet so Steinar has invented his own, with a central round hatch for access to the electronics.

A Swiss Noux

Boris from Switzerland sent me these two pictures of his Noux project which he has just started - thanks !

Noux Reduced Shadows

I've had a couple of requests for reduced shadows for the Noux by people wanting to home-build the boat using planking or other methods. Here are the lines with 1-6mm offset from the outer hull surface. A DXF file is attached to the pdf, click the small paper-clip next to the text to save the DXF as a separate file

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