Kiintorastit Pirttibacka

4.9 km course at an easy pace. A strange U-turn halfway between 89-99. Not so sure about going west out of 39, should have gone north maybe..

Pirttibacka kiintorastit, south

88: could have taken the road to "3" on 39.

95: completely lost on top of the hill close to the control.

37: almost too safe southern trail route.


Pirttibacka kiintorastit, north

92: very messy first control...

86: wet route-choice followed by messing around on top of the hill close to the control.


Iltarastit Pirttimäki

Iltarastit now on Sundays - to avoid the evening darkness.

About 2 minutes lost on the path north after 24 - otherwise mostly OK.



Kiintorastit Pirttimäki

Quite warm and humid on Saturday.

OK in the beginning: start-91-86-88-84-89

The last two controls were difficult, 97 on a steep downslope where we climbed the hill a bit too soon, and struggled to get down from the hill after finding the control. 92 was easy enough to get close to, but in hindsight I suspect it's not actually located in the place indicated on the map...


Firmaliiga Pirttimäki


#1 probably 30s lost due to indecision and slight uncertainty because everyone else around me had another course and ran in other directions...

#2 OKish but not a great split

#3 went for the wrong stone when inside the control circle. At least +30s again.

#4 could have chose a straighter route in the beginning. #5 and #6 quite OK.

#7 zigzag along paths. Then #8-#9-#10-#11-F fairly OK again.

Firmaliiga 2014/3 - Pirttimäki


About twenty degrees colder than on Saturday, with +6C and rain today!

Biggest problem directly at the start when I looked for #1 on the wrong hill  🙁
Otherwise mostly OK with no major mistakes.

Iltarastit Pirttibacka


#1 close to the control I didn't find the path up the hill. The bigger path left was probably the more popular (and faster?) route choice.
#27 the plan was to stay closer to the line, but probably did not loose that much time anyway.
#29 rounding the hill to the right might have been faster, and close to the control I ran 100m too far on the road.

Iltarastit, Pirttibacka


Quite tired legs today...
#1-#2-#3 OK with a bit conservative route to #3
#4 the plan was to run west until I see the blue wet area and then turn left for the control. But the swamp never appeared and this required some re-location + searching.
#5-#6 OK
#7 difficult control in a very detailed area.
#8 probably distracted by the extra time spent at #7 I also made a mess out of #8...
#9-#10-#11-#12-#13-F OK but not great.

Iltarastit, Pirttibacka


Problems on two out of  the eleven controls yesterday. These also show up as the worst placings in the split times.

The #3-#4 (17-18 on the map) leg should have been a straightforward run along paths. However I took a short-cut from the path too soon and crossed about 1/3rd of the leg through the woods. Then right inside the control circle I ran past the control almost to the road south of it before returning. The blue line shows the path I should have taken.

On the very last control (14 on the map) it would have been clearly faster to return to the road (green line) and not go straighter through the light-green (thick) area.

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