Pirttibacka 10k feat. Giant's Kettle

The loop marked with yellow signs from Pirttimäki is about 8 km, so we did some bonus-metres to the south of Sorlampi to get a full 10k. As a bonus we looked at the Giant's Kettles just north of Sorlampi (arrow-marks-the-spot).
Although the weather is warm, around +6C maybe, It's fairly dark around 16-17 already 🙁

Iltarastit Pirttimäki, night-o

First night-orienteering this fall!

4V course, Iltarastit Pirttimäki 2018-09-10

Pirttibacka MTB 25k


Maybe Luukki MTB next week?

Firmaliiga Pirttimäki

The third and final Firmaliiga event this autumn was at Pirttimäki. Fairly easy course.

OK to #1 but then too much zigzag to #2. #3 and #4 are the best splits - mostly running along paths.

Out from #4 south towards the path through the woods - slowly. Sticking to the path would have been better? Again not so great down the hill towards #6.

Kiintorastit Pirttibacka

4.9 km course at an easy pace. A strange U-turn halfway between 89-99. Not so sure about going west out of 39, should have gone north maybe..

Pirttibacka kiintorastit, south

88: could have taken the road to "3" on 39.

95: completely lost on top of the hill close to the control.

37: almost too safe southern trail route.


Pirttibacka kiintorastit, north

92: very messy first control...

86: wet route-choice followed by messing around on top of the hill close to the control.


Iltarastit Pirttimäki

Iltarastit now on Sundays - to avoid the evening darkness.

About 2 minutes lost on the path north after 24 - otherwise mostly OK.



Kiintorastit Pirttimäki

Quite warm and humid on Saturday.

OK in the beginning: start-91-86-88-84-89

The last two controls were difficult, 97 on a steep downslope where we climbed the hill a bit too soon, and struggled to get down from the hill after finding the control. 92 was easy enough to get close to, but in hindsight I suspect it's not actually located in the place indicated on the map...


Firmaliiga Pirttimäki


#1 probably 30s lost due to indecision and slight uncertainty because everyone else around me had another course and ran in other directions...

#2 OKish but not a great split

#3 went for the wrong stone when inside the control circle. At least +30s again.

#4 could have chose a straighter route in the beginning. #5 and #6 quite OK.

#7 zigzag along paths. Then #8-#9-#10-#11-F fairly OK again.

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