Open Source Software

Short summaries of some open source software I've worked on. Most of these are at


Some contributed symbols and footprints are listed in this blog.


Transimpedance Amplifier Simulation, for predicting noise and bandwidth of photodetectors based on op-amp transimpedance amplifiers.

AllanTools is an LGPL-licensed python library for calculating time&frequency related statistics such as Allan deviaton. The core algorithms are around 1200-lines of python. Many tests and comparisons against e.g. Stable32 are included.

OpenVoronoi is an LGPL-licensed C++ library with python bindings for calculating the Voronoi-diagram from point, line, and circular-arc input geometry. It uses the Sugihara-Iri topology-oriented approach for robustness. Around 10 klines of C++ and another 10 klines of python.

OpenCAMLib is an LGPL-licensed C++ library with python bindings for generating 3D machining-toolpaths based on STL input geometry. The core algorithms are "cutter projections" i.e. they push a defined cutter-shape into contact with the 3D model (a bunch of triangles). A lot of inspiration take from the freesteel blog. Around 13 klines of C++ and 10 klines of python.

Python scripts for Precise Point Positioning calculations from based on RINEX input files from GNSS receivers. In particular for PPP time transfer.

A cutting-simulation engine based on an adaptively subdivided octree. C++ with python bindings and VTK visualization.

A C++ and python wrapper for the CGAL 2-opt random polygon algorithm. For generating random 2D polygon geometry, e.g. for testing OpenVoronoi.


For generating geometry from fonts.