500mA low-noise voltage regulator LT3045 (in contrast to the older but lower current 200mA LT3042)


1 GHz buffer amplifier BUF602.


low noise voltage regulator LT3042

AD8015 transimpedance amplifier

AD8015, 10 kOhm transimpedance 240 MHz bandwidth photodiode amplifier.

SFP Connector

20pin SMD connector + cage for SFP transceiver.


ONET1191P, Limiting amplifier for up to 11 Gbps.


THS3491 looks like an interesting op-amp for distribution amplifiers and in general for LF/HF work. However it turns out it is a bit finicky about the feedback resistors (high resistance values are stable but noisy, low values would give low noise but might be unstable). We're sticking with LMH6702 for now..

HMC394 2.2 GHz prescaler

HMC394 is a 2.2 GHz programmable prescaler (5-bit counter) with divide-ratios from /2 to /32.


DDS with 47-bit tuneable frequency word.

LT1963 in SOT-223

LT1963, fixed voltage, in a small 3-pin SOT-223 package.

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