Espoorastit Ämmässuo

After a long walk to the start #1 went OK, a bit far north on #2, fairly safe route to #3. #5-#6 is probably the worst split as the open area was slow and my position was uncertain after the road. #7 was more nicer terrain for a change. At the end drifted too much south at #11 - this is an area that has been difficult before also...

Nice weather with a bit of wind. A lot of people preparing for Jukola in 1.5 weeks.


Espoorastit Mikkelä

The last Espoorastit and fitness-orienteering event for this year. But there might be some city-sprints during the winter.

Pretty steady going with no major mistakes. Control #6 is the best split, the others look pretty bland, but the overall result is good since I am 16th out of about 100. The long straight path south of the #2-#3 line would maybe have been faster and easier. I almost ran past #8 before turning back. Close to #11 it was hard to tell where I had crossed the path+river.


Espoorastit Latokaski


Maybe a bit straighter to #1 would have been better? Then a slow S-bend avoiding the wet(?) bit between #1 and #2, which was very slow. Similarly straighter out of #2 towards #3 would have been faster.

Surprisingly #4 is the best split - probably because someone else was in front of me until just before the control...

The route choice down the hill from #4 towards #5 was not fast, and I had to backtrack and look for a place to cross the stream. Rounding the swamp to the north would have been an option too. Then close to the control I climb the slope to slightly the wrong cliff loosing a little time.

#7 through to the finish are all quite straightforward. Just after #7 I almost hold the map 180-degrees the wrong way but quickly correct my mistake. Before #9 I follow someone else onto the yellow field when staying on the path would have been better.

Espoorastit, Suna


+1min very close to #3 just on the wrong hill before the control.

Not sure why #8 is such a bad split, there must have been a faster direction to approach than the one I took through fallen trees etc. from the path.

+4:30min on #10, more than 6min lost to the best runner, and the worst split by far 🙁 Ran past the northward path and ended up on the big hill close to #11 instead. Not good.

+1min on the last control (#13) where the map wasn't very clear because of a construction site just north of the big road.

Overall about +6:30min of estimated error - mostly OK running otherwise.

Espoorastit Oittaa


Four troublesome controls out of 15 in total.

#4 would have deserved more respect - I just ran roughly out from #3 and started to look for #4 on the wrong hill. Should have used the big stone and the big path as intermediate checkpoints.

#9 was located quite low and close to the yellow field, so the approach from the powerline and cliffs above is completely wrong. Should have instead taken the small path all the way to the corner of the field and #9 from there.

Inexplicably lost track of the hills on the way towards #10 and looked for it already on hill nr 2. Then a poorly planned direction out of #10 towards #11 through slow terrain. Staying on the white area of the map would have been much faster.