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Noux 2 layout plan and 3D IGES file

An updated layout plan for the Noux-2 with the winch placed under the foredeck and a circular theme for the hatches.
There's also been a request for a 3D IGES model for the Noux-2 so here it is.

Update 2006 May 03: Hsinli Liu ponted out some problems with the previous IGES file. I have made a new one which should be at better resolution: Noux2_2006may03.IGS

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Hello anders, i´m Sergi from Barcelona, another iom fan who enjoy building boats as much as sailing them. Could you tell me if the waterlines of the Noux-2 are the same as the "original Noux". In case of not, woud it it be possible to dispose of the Noux-2 plans in dxf format. Many thanks and congratulations for your fabulous website.

Hi Sergi,

The hull lines are exactly the same for the Noux and Noux-2.

Only the deck has changed and I have re-done the layout of the radio components.

We have a group building a hull mould here in finland right now. We're also building the deck plugs and moulds for the new deck. Hopefully I will have time to put a boat together during the summer - well before an international event in 2007 anyway since my current Cockatoo has the infamous Texalium deck.


Hi Hsinli,

Sorry about the artefacts that appear in the IGES file. I think they are due to the finite accuracy of the IGES export process. I can produce an accurate IGES file if you really need one - let me know.



Yes, please send me a copy of the accurate IGES file. I am planning to build a Noux (w/CNC).

Thanks !

Hi Hsinli, I have now made a new IGES file which should have the bulkhead at higher resolution so there should be no problems anymore.

Please send me some pictures if you do decide to make a Noux (or moulds) with a CNC machine !


Anders, I am trying to build a noux2 but I cannot download the shadow spacings as i cannot open the appropiate drawing file can you mail me please with this measurement. Thanks