Noux Reduced Shadows

I've had a couple of requests for reduced shadows for the Noux by people wanting to home-build the boat using planking or other methods. Here are the lines with 1-6mm offset from the outer hull surface. A DXF file is attached to the pdf, click the small paper-clip next to the text to save the DXF as a separate file

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  1. Anders,

    thanks for this, I will keep you informed on the Noux I will (try to) build this winter......



  2. I'm building a Noux 2 as a school project and I just wanted to know how far apart the planking frames should be? (3mm offset)

  3. Hi Simon,

    If we start at the bow, at the front of the bumper and call that 0 mm.
    The first frame is at 12mm
    second at 100mm
    3rd at 200mm
    and so on
    10th at 900mm
    11th at 1000mm


  4. Anders
    Would it be possible to have a DXF file for the reduced shadows drawing,
    I am looking to build the Noux as a first wooden IOM.


  5. Anders,
    great informative site - thanks. I would like to have a go at building one of these but I can't get the dxf file within the pdf to save anywhere. Can you please email it to me or post it on your site.

  6. Brett: I tried it with Adobe Acrobat Reader 8: open the pdf, right click on the paper-clip and select 'save embedded file to disk'. It works.

  7. I am also using AA Reader 8.1.2 with Vista but the save option is not available, only open or search. Right clicking doesn't give any file handling options at all. I have managed to get it saved using Acrobat Standard on a work PC. Thanks for the followup.

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