Kuusijärvi-Bisajärvi 8k

Out for a (slow) run in the forest again. From the Kuusijärvi parking-lot to Bisajärvi and back.

Here's a panoramic view of Bisajärvi:

Torino, Italia

I'm in Torino for the School on Optical Clocks, and some work at INRIM.

Piazza vittorio veneto to the left, the river Po in the middle, and the bridge vittorio Emanuele I to the right.


Olympic Arch

20150705_145255 - 20150705_145321_fused

Samsung galaxy S4 mini phone + hugin panorama creator.

HCR2011 panorama

Some of the ~10500 Helsinki city run finishers on Saturday 7.5.2011 at Helsinki olympic stadium:

Ubuntu now seems to ship with hugin panorama creator which did a good job of merging these four C7shots.

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