HCR2011 statistics

Using the same scraping scripts I wrote after last years marathon, it was fairly easy to scrape the HCR website and produce some histograms.

There are two python scripts, one that crawls the web (urllib) and finds the time-data (BeautifulSoup and re) and writes to a file (cPickle), and another that reads the files and plots (matplotlib) histograms: hcr2011_scrape


2011 Helsinki City Run

My fourth half-marathon. Not quite a personal best, and my excuse is that the course is a bit up-down hilly and has a lot of turns that slows you down.

Otherwise a solid run with no major problems. A lot warmer than last year, so I ran in shorts and T-shirt. I could put in some work on the uphills which made the HR go >170 and still recover to a reasonable HR 165 or so on the downhills or the flat bits.

My own garmin said 1:53:00, the chip time on the results website seems to be 1:52:57, and the time from the gun was 1:54:14.

The 5k times were: zero to 5k in 28:24, five to 10k in 26:30, ten to 15k in 26:09, fifteen to 20k in 26:25. In other words first 10k in 54:54 and the second 10k in 52:34.

Update: here's the GPS-trace.

2:12:56 Helsinki City Run

Despite forecasts of rain during the week the weather cooperated nicely and we only got wet after 18 km or so.

At about 14 km my legs started to feel heavy, and after the last gatorade+water station at 17 km I started walking all the uphills.

I finished in 6345th place (yay!) out of 13100 runners, and the timing-chip time was 2:12:56, my own garmin said 2:12:59, and my official time (start-gun to finish) was 2:13:16.

Results and info here: http://www.helsinkicityrun.fi