Noux Reduced Shadows

I've had a couple of requests for reduced shadows for the Noux by people wanting to home-build the boat using planking or other methods. Here are the lines with 1-6mm offset from the outer hull surface. A DXF file is attached to the pdf, click the small paper-clip next to the text to save the DXF as a separate file

An Aussie FAT-Noux

Pete Trimmer has been busy finishing his boat and sent me some pictures of his progress: "Well the FAT NOUX now looks more like a boat than a pin cushion"

Aussie Green and Gold paint scheme.
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Noux moulds

The latest IOM building activity in Finland: a group of builders in Turku have moulded a hull mould from the original Noux plug + designed their own deck plug and made a deck mould.
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Building a wooden Noux

Inspired by the drawings and design info available on my site, and by Michael Scharmers article on iom-nordic.org, Peter Trimmer (AUS) is putting together a wooden Noux. He sent me some pictures of his progress.

Here is the plug for the bulb turned out of wood. A mould around this from plaster will be made and the bulb will be cast in lead.

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Noux 2 layout plan and 3D IGES file

An updated layout plan for the Noux-2 with the winch placed under the foredeck and a circular theme for the hatches.
There's also been a request for a 3D IGES model for the Noux-2 so here it is.

Update 2006 May 03: Hsinli Liu ponted out some problems with the previous IGES file. I have made a new one which should be at better resolution: Noux2_2006may03.IGS

Noux lines plan

Draft lines plan for the Noux.

Noux layout drawing

The Noux is the latest Finnish IOM being built during 2002-2003. Construction plan showing a flat deck. A cockpit/fordeck design is being worked on...

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