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Helsinki Model-Expo 2006

This years Model Expo was held during 5-7 of May 2006 at the Helsinki fair centre.

The Finnish RC-Sailors exhibited a Noux IOM and a local class boat, the 5.5mrc. Our stand was moderately interesting to the 10000 or so visitors with a handful of people interested in either buying second-hand boats or building a boat from a kit.

These radio yachts caught my camera - both probably too small to sail well in all but drifting conditions... To my annoyment, the importer of the ThundreTiger Voyager continues to market the boat as a 1M, or One Meter, or similar - a boat which of course does not come even close to an IOM, the worldwide premier radio sailing competition class.

Two nicely built still-models of sailboats. I understand the Swan can actually be driven around using an electric motor - unfortunately not sailed !

One of the electric competition boats that were skillfully driven around on the indoor pond. Unfortunately the depth was not enough for us to go sailing... (+we would have needed big fans to generate wind)

The Futaba 2.4GHz system, still not on the market according to the contacts I spoke with. Probably will be during the summer months. If the preliminary price indications are correct the Spektrum DX6 is probably a better buy.

The flying hall hosted all kinds of flying exhibitions with free-flying, rubber-band, or electric helicopters and airplanes. Here a 'freestyle' competition where aerobatic flying is performed to music and judged.

Among the flying modelers, a simulator like this was definitely the thing to have on the stand. Using a video-projector is not a bad idea - maybe something for us to show videos from competitions next year ?

A number of people had set up big slotcar or railway setups.

Cars this year seemed to be either very small, like the micro car above, or very big, 1/5th scale below. Both nitro powered.

A simple hydrocopter-thing...

Two home-built Stirling engines.

Another homebuilt engine

Intricate gear-cutting machinery used by the engine builders.

Cute miniature woodworking machines by Unimat. 'machine-park in a drawer' !

The Model Expo also hosts an annual robowars competition.

More war, a big part of the exhibition hall was set apart for warhammer games. Some kind of mix between a boardgame and a role-game, if I understand correctly.

Still more war. Two examples of the several 'soft-air' vendors at the expo. Distasteful if you ask me, and not a particularly creative hobby for our spes patria...

7th Phocea Cup, Marseille

66 participants from at least 8 different countries gathered in Marseille during 15-17 April 2006 for the 7th Phocea Cup organized by Yacht Club Pointe Rouge, Marseille, France.
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Using Akismet to block spam

I've started using Akismet to block spam comments sent to the blog.

Akismet requires an API key, and getting that key requires an account on So I've setup a dummy acount:

Spring Pictures

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The new deck takes shape

Today I had time to mill out the new Noux-2 deck plugs from MDF.
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An Aussie FAT-Noux

Pete Trimmer has been busy finishing his boat and sent me some pictures of his progress: "Well the FAT NOUX now looks more like a boat than a pin cushion"

Aussie Green and Gold paint scheme.
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Noux moulds

The latest IOM building activity in Finland: a group of builders in Turku have moulded a hull mould from the original Noux plug + designed their own deck plug and made a deck mould.
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Building a wooden Noux

Inspired by the drawings and design info available on my site, and by Michael Scharmers article on, Peter Trimmer (AUS) is putting together a wooden Noux. He sent me some pictures of his progress.

Here is the plug for the bulb turned out of wood. A mould around this from plaster will be made and the bulb will be cast in lead.

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Noux 2 layout plan and 3D IGES file

An updated layout plan for the Noux-2 with the winch placed under the foredeck and a circular theme for the hatches.
There's also been a request for a 3D IGES model for the Noux-2 so here it is.

Update 2006 May 03: Hsinli Liu ponted out some problems with the previous IGES file. I have made a new one which should be at better resolution: Noux2_2006may03.IGS

Salt Lake City and Bryce Canyon, Utah

The 50th annual meeting of the Biophysical Society was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 18-22, 2006. Here are a few pictures from Salt Lake City and Bryce Canyon which I visited afterwards.

Salt Lake City

The Temple

Looking down Main Street

The newly built library. Architecture somewhat similar to the 'promenade' concept on the Silja Serenade and Symphony ferries ('floating hotel' type ferries between Stockholm and Helsinki).

A view from the roof of the library.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir hosts free rehearsals and performances, definitely worth a visit !

Antelope Island and the Salt Lake

The Wasatch mountains as viewed from Antelope Island.

An unlucky nail in the right rear tyre forced a quick pitstop and a change of car at Avis...

Bryce Canyon

On friday we made the 200mile trip south of SLC to see Bryce Canyon National Park.

Driving through Red Canyon on the way south

I thought I felt a definite shortness of breath when walking up hills at this altitude - or maybe it's just lack of exercise...

The beginning of Grand Canyon in the distance...

An overview of Bryce Canyon

Teemu living on the edge

A formation called Natural Bridge.

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