Kiintorastit Ylästö

North of Paloheinä across the border in Vantaa: Kiintorastit Ylästö.

Kiintorastit Pirttibacka

4.9 km course at an easy pace. A strange U-turn halfway between 89-99. Not so sure about going west out of 39, should have gone north maybe..

Pirttibacka kiintorastit, south

88: could have taken the road to "3" on 39.

95: completely lost on top of the hill close to the control.

37: almost too safe southern trail route.


Pirttibacka kiintorastit, north

92: very messy first control...

86: wet route-choice followed by messing around on top of the hill close to the control.


Kiintorastit Solvalla

Cloudy and a bit windy but fairly warm (this being November already..)
Fairly relaxed pace with no major mistakes.


Kiintorastit Pirttimäki

Quite warm and humid on Saturday.

OK in the beginning: start-91-86-88-84-89

The last two controls were difficult, 97 on a steep downslope where we climbed the hill a bit too soon, and struggled to get down from the hill after finding the control. 92 was easy enough to get close to, but in hindsight I suspect it's not actually located in the place indicated on the map...


Kiintorastit Solvalla

Another run on the Solvalla map with fixed controls. Last one was in April.

Problems on the second control (#50) where at first I didn't know exactly where on the dashed path I had come down from the hill, and then inside the control circle I looked for stones north up the hill when the control-stone was lower down in the forest.


Solvalla kiintorastit, 5km

Still snow on the ground for maybe 30% of the route. Quite wet and soft.

Mostly ok but just inside the #32 control circle we somehow lost faith and did a loop in the wrong direction.


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