Monster servo mount

The new high-torque winch servo is 44x22mm instead of the standard 40x20mm, so we made a new radio-plate for it today. The new plate has a bigger cut-out for the new servo, and is slightly wider. The boat will sail again next weekend so we will hear how the new servo works then.

Electronics PIKANTO

Monster torque servos

Gone is the HiTec light-blue box, and replaced with a clear one. These servos, which HiTec calls "monster torque" 🙂 are designed for either 6.0V or a LiPo pack at 7.4V. They are about 10% bigger than the standard 20x40 mm footprint, and produce 36 kg*cm (6.0V) or 44 kg*cm (7.4V) of torque. To be tried as a winch servo in the prototype PIKANTO.