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IOM Rig comparison

A diagram showing the measurements needed when building a set of IOM rigs. The table shows measurements taken from rigging guides and plans by world champions in the class: Craig Smith (New Zealand 1997), Graham Bantock (France 1994 and Malta 1999) and Martin Roberts (Croatia 2001).

IOM Weight Budget

Weights for the Italiko which I sailed at the 2003 IOM World Championships in Vancouver Canada.

Noux layout drawing

The Noux is the latest Finnish IOM being built during 2002-2003. Construction plan showing a flat deck. A cockpit/fordeck design is being worked on...

IOM Rig Plan

A rig plan based on rigging notes by Martin Roberts. Could be considered a little old my modern standards, i.e. high shroud attachment point and simple round booms.

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