Forssa half-marathon

I was a bit too far back in the start, and had to criss-cross among slower starters for at least the first 3 km. A strong side/aft wind made the first few kilometers easy downwind 'sailing', and luckily the route took a more protected less windy road after the turn at 10 km. After around 13km when it was windy again, now a side/head-wind, I slipstreamed in tour-de-france-style in the wake of a group of runners to avoid the worst wind. This course is very flat and fast, and I caught up with the 2-hour pace-runners(dressed in black tuxedos!) somewhere between 19 and 20 km.

Results and info:

While driving home through Perniö I saw some serious long distance runners taking part in a 100 km race. These people do 20 laps on a 5 km course, some in under 8 hours...

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