Siglent SDG2042X liberation

Holy megacycles Batman! This thing is made for hacking. You telnet into the thing, delete one line in an XML config file, and then reboot. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!?

Here's how the screen looks before and after, and a view of the 120 MHz signal on the scope. There's a bit of amplitude ripple as you sweep up from around 50 MHz.

Rigol DS2072A upgrade

Short notes on Rigol DS2072A upgrade following bineteri's step-by-step post.

  1. Use Rigol Bildschirmkopie LAN/USB for making a memory dump over LAN/SCPI: ":SYST:UTIL:READ? 1,33554432"  this results in a 32 Mb memory dump saved as "DS2072A.bin"
  2. Use rigup 0.4 in two stages to generate keys:
    1. "rigup scan DS2072A.bin > EC-keys.txt"
    2. "rigup DS2072A DS2072A.bin > Options.txt"
  3. Read Options.txt and install the wanted key over SCPI: ":SYST:OPT:INSTALL A_KEY_FROM_OPTIONS_WITHOUT_DASHES"

Frequency response before and after:


Python code for plot: