LFSCP-64-1EP footprint

AD CP-64-7 footprint using

USB 2 hub

"industry grade" USB-hub containing FE2.1 USB hub chip.

AIM-TTi TF930 Frequency counter

We got a 350 eur AIM-TTi TF930 frequency counter for less demanding frequency counting. Here's how it looks like on the inside.

AD9912 DDS frequency resolution?

See also discussion on the AD forum:

We've tried to measure the frequency resolution of the AD9912 DDS, which when used with a 1 GHz SYSCLK should be 1 GHz / 2**48 = 3.55 uHz.

We tried an ARTIQ Urukul-board and an AD dev-board and got the following results:

In both cases the output frequency corresponds to an even frequency tuning word (FTW) although we step the frequency by one LSB. In other words the LSB appears to be zero in all cases, even when we write an odd FTW with '1' as the LSB. Instead of the expected 3.55 uHz frequency resolution we see double-sized steps of 7.1 uHz.

The Urukul measurement was done with a Microsemi 3120A phase-meter and the dev-board was measured using a PICDIV 1PPS-divider followed by a Keysight 53230A time interval counter. The even FTW frequencies agree with the predicted frequency to much better than 0.1 uHz.

TO-263 Heatsink, Fischer

Have been using this SMD heatsink for (among others) TO-263 voltage regulators, e.g. LT1963 and LT3015.

Mini-Circuits footprints

These 'plain' footprints correspond to the "land-pattern" footprints created previously. No GND-pads or GND-vias in these.


Bourns SRF0905 series common-mode filter.

Mini-Circuits land-pattern PL-012

Land pattern PL-012

LT1963 in SOT-223

LT1963, fixed voltage, in a small 3-pin SOT-223 package.


SYPD-2 phase detector

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