500mA low-noise voltage regulator LT3045 (in contrast to the older but lower current 200mA LT3042)


1 GHz buffer amplifier BUF602.

Tuesday Trapping

Firmaliiga 2019/01 Snettans

Short E-course. Maybe a bit nervous on #1 - then mostly OK until #7 where the direction out of the control towards #8 went 90-degrees wrong due to some unmarked trail.


low noise voltage regulator LT3042

SFP connector footprint

Single SFP/SFP+ SMD-connector and cage footprint.

FreeCAD V-carving with OpenVoronoi

Sliptonic has worked on connecting FreeCAD with OpenVoronoi to produce V-carving (aka medial-axis) toolpaths.

I worked on the OpenVoronoi stuff 7 years ago and we made this video back then:

Itärastit Latokartano

2019 orienteering season opened.

Not too warm around +5-6 C - with a bit of snow/sleet in the afternoon - welcome to Finland in May 😉

#3-#4 leg looks like a big detour - otherwise mostly no big problems - but a fairly easy pace today...

Mowers gonna mow

The Automower logged 516 hours last season. Now in action again with new sharp blades.

AD8015 transimpedance amplifier

AD8015, 10 kOhm transimpedance 240 MHz bandwidth photodiode amplifier.

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