Firmaliiga Haukkalampi, E-baana

Just before #2 I found a wrong control and circled back when just 50m forward was the right thing to do, probably +5 min or so.
Then down from #7 in completely the wrong direction and another +5 min or so.

Firmaliiga Haukkalampi E-baana

Around a 2km walk from the parking-lot to the start and then 2km back again from the finish. OK weather around +10 to +12C maybe.

A decent run on this shorter E-course - in contrast to a mediocre run on the long course last week. Maybe a bit too close to the lake towards #2. The only major mistake was at #5 where I registered one big stone as the wrong one and looked north-east instead of south-west for the control. Also the area around #7 was much flatter than I expected from reading the map. By accident I crossed the forbidden area between #7 and #8 ;(

Firmaliiga Haukkalampi

Long time no run.

Decent on 1-2-3, then problems on #4, an empty hill that was difficult also last year. Again decent to #5 but then very slow down the hill towards #6 and no good plan for how to find the difficult #6.


Solvalla next week.

Länsirastit, Haukkalampi


#1 directly via #7 and the path behind it might have been faster.

3-4-5 generally very good

#6 OKish route but about 1min of wondering at the map around a house just north of Mustalampi..

#7 OK. #7->Finish quite slow through the green thick area - better to go round these..

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