Firmaliiga Orienteering2019

Firmaliiga Velskola

Better than last week! 35./90.

Firmaliiga Orienteering2018

Firmaliiga Velskola

A lot of running along roads on 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4. About 20th place on #4 before any slow parts or mistakes.

No real plan or inspiration on 4-5, just slowly along the straight line. Stupid mistake on 6 where I looked for the control on the wrong hill before finding the same path I took on 1-2.

Firmaliiga final event in Pirttimäki next week.

Firmaliiga 2018, Velskola, E-rata


Iltarastit, Velskola

#3-#4 OK
#12 got a bit wet at the swamp which would have been better to go around, + 1 min.
#6 OK
#11 difficult hilly area where I headed for the wrong cliff at first, +3 min.
#14-#15-#16 OK
#17 was unsure on how high up the hill the control should be. +30s.