Saturday 20k bike ride

Biking in the early spring is a messy business. Most of the roads are now free from ice and snow, but the bike-paths are all covered in remains of sand and gravel from the winter with the occasional patch of ice, snow, or a wet slurry. Even with reasonable fenders on the bike your back and legs are pretty much covered in mud after an hour.

Data is from my latest gps-toy, which supports openstreetmap! (20.1k in 58mins, avg-speed 20.8km/h, avg-HR 148, temp +0 C)

Come spring/summer the plan is to put in some longer training rides to complement the running training. Maybe even some brevets on the new road-bike.

The temperature measurement circuit or transducer on the edge 800 seems to have a long-ish time-constant of about 15 minutes: