PIKANTO nr 3 completed

Jari has added fittings, radio-installation, bulb, and foils to PIKANTO hull nr 3. Note the aluminium cnc-machined winch-drum for the HiTec winch-servo.

While we have developed a good looking cnc-machined steel finmould, ruddermoulds, a bumper mould, etc. we are still not producing hulls in any larger numbers for sale due to various reasons. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “PIKANTO nr 3 completed”

  1. Hi Anders / Jari,
    Which Hitec Digital servo are you using for the sail arm winch? Are you using a fuse or circuit breaker as protection in case the servo stalls?

  2. HiTec HS-7955TG and the newer HS-7950TH are the ones which will go into the first prototype boats. These HiTec servos have built-in overload protection, so I hope an additional fuse is not required.
    Ofcourse it will be possible to fit the boat with a drum-type winch like an RMG or Graupner-Regatta also.

  3. My name is Aldo Casanova
    from Seattle, WA
    Let me know here I can buy this fantastic servo winche


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