Moon photo

Pooling our hardware resources together in the lab, we now have a 102 mm F/9.8 (f=1000 mm) refractor on an EQ6 equatorial mount and either a Canon 20D or a Canon 400D to shoot with. When one camera is coupled to the scope the other one can simultaneously take a wide-field photo. Did not bother with polar-aligning the mount today, so just looked visually at the moon, mars (it happened to be close to the moon), and M42. The moon is so bright no tracking is really needed.

Here is the moon through a 102mm F/9.8 (f=1000mm) refractor with a Canon 400D at prime focus, set to ISO400 and 1/160s. Around 21:40 local time on Friday 15 Feb 2008.

Astrophotography in Finland is a cold hobby, I was somewhat unprepared for the weather so around 60 min in -7 C was enough for me...

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