More Pixels Please!

I reluctantly sold a 20" 1600x1200 Viewsonic with the desktop machine when I switched to my current T60 laptop (14" 1400x1050) about a year ago. The screen is not the strongest point of the T60, and that feeling has just been reinforced by looking at some 22" Samsungs at work. Now prices have plummeted again so I convinced myself that I need a 24" 1920x1200 Samsung 245B!

I need a smart way of managing my desktop for normal mobile use (1400 pixels wide), working at home with this new toy (1920 wide), and giving talks/lecturing with video-projectors that are usually only 1024 wide. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “More Pixels Please!”

  1. yay! I now got myself a Lenovo ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock which means that the monitor connects with a DVI cable. That seems to facilitate automagic handshaking between the T60 and the monitor and the machine bumps up the resolution to 1920x1200 shortly after powering up in the docking station.

  2. Are you happy with the Samsung 245B? Many reviews and user comments I've read bash the monitor for bad viewing angles. Do you think this is a problem? For instance, how much can you move around in front of the screen before the image degrades noticeably?

    Thanks, Mikkel.

  3. Hi Mikkel,

    I am generally very happy with the display. I do mostly web-browsing, Word/excel/coreldraw, CAD/CAM, and similar work. No gaming and not much videos/movies.
    The viewing angle might not be that great. Up/down it's not an issue for me but left/right you need to sit in front of the monitor and not very much to the side (outside the edge of the monitor for example).

    Hope this helps, probably best to check it out in a store yourself. I see the price has dropped a bit to around 500eur in 6 weeks.


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