Dah-Lih EMC2 conversion

Stuart Stevenson wrote about his Dah-Lih EMC2 conversion on the emc-mailinglist, and has allowed me to publish these pictures of his mill. I've scaled the pictures to 1024 pixels wide - click the picture to see it in high-resolution.

Machine after conversion.

Machine before conversion. Pendant has original CRT and buttons.

Control electronics. Jon Elson's PPMC cards at the top.

Relays and transformers.

The new control. The computer is a Gateway Profile 3.

There is a MagicTouch touch screen mounted in front of the computer.

Back side of control. The computer is connected to the PPMC cards by the parallel port only. Jog-wheel and buttons are wired directly to PPMC. The network cable goes to a Linksys WET11 bridge mounted on the back panel.

2 thoughts on “Dah-Lih EMC2 conversion”

  1. Wow DIN rail and a control transformer. Nice to see professional grade work. Sometimes we get so involved in "make it go" that we forget the long range value of systematic retrofits.


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