5 thoughts on “IOM Arrow Design by Charles Detriche”

  1. Anders

    Congratulations on the new site. It looks fantastic.

    Tony Fannin

    Gold Coast

  2. Thanks Tony, I think a blog-format website should work OK for archiving all the bits and pieces of information that I have accumulated on various websites over the years.


  3. Congratulations on the boat design! We need free contributions like this in Brazil.


  4. Anders,
    after returning from Toulouse (France) recently I have become interested in the Arow as shown on your website. I had the god fortune to sail several of them at the local club and I was thiking it make make a good generic IOM for my local club here in Sydney Australia. I am concerned thqt the displacement on the drawing is stated as 3.78kgs? With an al up weight of 4kg's would it sit a little to low in the water.

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter prior to building one. Many Thanks

    John Bartram
    Sydney Australia

  5. The 3.78 kg corresponds to the volume of the hull shell only.

    The fin and the rudder will displace some additional volume, but I haven't got the calculation here right now..

    The bulb however will contribute significantly. 2400g of lead which weighs 11.3kg/m^3 will displace about 0.21 m^3 which corresponds to 0.21 kg. That puts the total at 3.78+0.21 = 3.99 kg
    most bulbs are not pure lead, I've measured about 10.5kg/m^3 for the alloy we use - so you should be fine displacement wise.


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