Söderkulla Eightyfive

A bit of rain at the start but then dry. New brake/shift cables and bar-tape on the road-bike.

Söderkulla Sixty

Easy rolling around in fairly warm weather.


Söderkulla Seventy

Quite windy and not too warm. Across the new 'Farfarsbron' bridge for the first time. Easy rolling especially uphill.


Söderkulla 83 km

Around +10 to +12 C with a bit of sun today. First ride with the road-bike. The bike-path east of Helsinki extends to about Söderkulla (35 km) where I turned around.


Monday ninetysix

96.3k in 4h 42min, avg. 20.5km/h. New Continental Gator Hardshell 700c 32mm tyres and Bontrager RXL shoes.

Söderkulla Seventy

70.33 km in 3h 21min, avg. 21.0 km/h

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