Firmaliiga Orienteering2019

Firmaliiga Salmi

warm, over +20C. My Garmin watch didn't get a GPS-fix at the start and it took until #3 for it to start recording.

No major mistakes but not so great running/fitness.



Around 11km hike around the red route in Salmi. Double rainbow.


Firmaliiga Orienteering2017

Firmaliiga Salmi B-baana

Cold around +5C or so with the occasional shower of snow or light hale!

Bad mistake to start off at #1, finding the first control for some other course instead. A bit too low towards #2, then quite safe along roads to #3. A small J-bend to a well-hidden #10. The firmaliiga B-course is maybe a bit too difficult...

Firmaliiga Orienteering2015

Firmaliiga 5/2015, Salmi

OK to 1, but then a short loop around 2. Long leg along path/road to 5, and really slow down the hill and through the thick area after 6. 8 was in a difficult spot.

40th out of 58 participants - so not so great speed although no major problems with the orienteering.


Firmaliiga Orienteering2013

Firmaliiga 2013/1, Salmi

14.5.2013 Firmaliiga, Salmi
#1 when initially lost, should have continued to the road, re-located on map, and would have found control much quicker.
#6 approaching the control from above would have been better.

Firmaliiga result 49./56