Itärastit Kasberget

Cityscape orienteering on a 1:7500 map where features approach you sooner than you think.

Long running legs to #1, #3, and #5 to get the body warmed up and oxygen flowing. My route-choice towards #6 looks quite crooked, straighter might have been faster. After #7 there was a control visible higher up which I had to check out before realizing it wasn't #8 😉 Out of #9 it looked like a good idea to run straight under the water-tower (cross-hatched disk on the map) but in reality there was a fence or gate..

Itärastit Roihuvuori

Orienteering season is here again. An easy start on a 1:7500 city map. Fitness and pace is low...


Itärastit Roihuvuori

2015-04-18_ITR_roihuvuori_qr_splitsEasy course with lots of running along paths. From #3 I ran towards #15 for a bit before realizing the correct direction towards #4 - worst split. #9 is the best split - no orienteering required, just running. #11 is again slow and would have been faster along the road/path instead of over the hill via #13.

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