Spjutsund 94k

Windy and quite warm.

Itärastit, Spjutsund


Mostly OK but three mistakes, highlighted in red in the splits and marked with yellow on the map, are worth mentioning:

  • Towards #2 the flag at #13 is visible from far away and lures me in the wrong direction. The wrong control-code is a bit of a surprise but I notice I've arrived at #13 quickly. Worst split and 1:30 or so lost.
  • Towards #5 I drift too much east when a direct line north through the thick vegetation would have been better. Slow walking along the edge of the open (yellow) swamp before climbing the slope to the control.
  • #14 is hard work directly through the open swamp/cut-down yellow area where I stay on course OK. But when crossing the cliff before the control I turn almost 90-degrees left (why??) towards the finish instead of directly over the hill to #14.

Itärastit, Spjutsund


+3 minutes on #8 because I took the wrong direction over the hill when leaving #7. Should have checked the direction of the slope and read the map more carefully.

+2 minutes on the last control. The yellow areas on the map were in reality very different on different sides of the road.

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