Firmaliiga Orienteering2013

Firmaliiga 2013/4, Kattilajärvi

First firmaliiga event this fall. Overall very physically demanding with most controls placed high up on hills/cliffs.
#1 a bit of circling before finding the right control
#2 ok and safe route, but slow
#3-#4-#5 OK
#6 very long leg with one or two big hills in the way. A route-choice with more running along the road might have been better.
#8 I tried to plan a good route to this control on the way to #6, but other runners and poor judgement caused extra minutes wasted here also.

Firmaliiga result 45./59


Firmaliiga Orienteering2013

Firmaliiga 2013/3, Pirttibacka

#1 ran up the wrong valley about 100m before realizing my mistake
#2-#6 mostly OK
#7 a slow route up the hill, more left through the forest or using the path would have been better
#8 a small loop to find the flag

Firmaliiga result 40./61



Firmaliiga Orienteering2013

Firmaliiga 2013/2, Laakso

21.5.2013 Firmaliiga, Laakso
#6 the organizers had placed this control incorrectly - more than half of the field did not find it.
#9 only major orienteering mistake here - looking for the control on the wrong hill for about 3 minutes before re-locating using the road.
#12 someone had stolen the control flag! By itself the small EMIT-control taped to a tree was hard to find.
#13 should have approached control from above, not below.

Firmaliiga result 35./58


Firmaliiga Orienteering2013

Firmaliiga 2013/1, Salmi

14.5.2013 Firmaliiga, Salmi
#1 when initially lost, should have continued to the road, re-located on map, and would have found control much quicker.
#6 approaching the control from above would have been better.

Firmaliiga result 49./56