Firmaliiga 4/2015 Nuuksionpää

1: too much zigzag along paths with a big U-turn before the control
2: OK
3: ran past the control, then to the wrong stone (some other course had a control here), and then back to my control
4: OKish but straighter would have been better
5: OK until I was distracted by others just before the control and made a stupid loop before returning to the original plan.
6-7-F: nothing to report..

Hot and humid.


Firmaliiga 4/2014, Nuuksionpää

Fourth firmaliiga event of the year yesterday at nuuksionpää in the Noux national park.


  • #1-#4 mostly OK, perhaps a bit slow/unsure running to #1.
  • #5 a lot of time lost here for some reason - maybe straighter along the #4-#5 line has less ascent/descent?
  • #6-#9 again mostly OK
  • #10 only major mistake - quite thick forest with low visibility, I wasn't high enough up on the hill, and ran through to the road behind the control before turning back and finding it.
  • #11-F OK.