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Itärastit Svedängen

Maybe unnecessary wiggles on #1-#2 and #4-#5, then no good plan for how to find #7 so back-tracking from the path/ditch instead. About 45-degrees wrong direction out of #9 at the end.


500mA low-noise voltage regulator LT3045 (in contrast to the older but lower current 200mA LT3042)


1 GHz buffer amplifier BUF602.

Tuesday Trapping

Firmaliiga 2019/01 Snettans

Short E-course. Maybe a bit nervous on #1 - then mostly OK until #7 where the direction out of the control towards #8 went 90-degrees wrong due to some unmarked trail.


low noise voltage regulator LT3042

SFP connector footprint

Single SFP/SFP+ SMD-connector and cage footprint.

FreeCAD V-carving with OpenVoronoi

Sliptonic has worked on connecting FreeCAD with OpenVoronoi to produce V-carving (aka medial-axis) toolpaths.

I worked on the OpenVoronoi stuff 7 years ago and we made this video back then:

Itärastit Latokartano

2019 orienteering season opened.

Not too warm around +5-6 C - with a bit of snow/sleet in the afternoon - welcome to Finland in May 😉

#3-#4 leg looks like a big detour - otherwise mostly no big problems - but a fairly easy pace today...

Mowers gonna mow

The Automower logged 516 hours last season. Now in action again with new sharp blades.

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