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Itärastit Ämmässuo

OK running in the easy terrain north of 4/10, but more south 6-7 and 8-9 in particular were slow and difficult.

This is an ISOM2017 map, with new and slightly different use of map symbols.

Firmaliiga Kattilajärvi, E-baana

Half-decent on odd controls, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8, Finish. Problems on 2 turning (+3min) the wrong direction, then see-sawing back and forth close to 4 (+6-7min), a large detour to 6 (+6-7min, the straight-line route choice is too hard).

Action-camera test-ride

First test of newest toy, a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 action-camera.
This mode records one 4k frame every second, together with the in-camera GPS position and data from ANT+ heart-rate, cadence, and speed sensors. No idea on how long the battery lasts in this mode yet.

Firmaliiga Haukkalampi, E-baana

Just before #2 I found a wrong control and circled back when just 50m forward was the right thing to do, probably +5 min or so.
Then down from #7 in completely the wrong direction and another +5 min or so.

Kiintorastit Ylästö

North of Paloheinä across the border in Vantaa: Kiintorastit Ylästö.

Itärastit Latokartano, 7k

Autumn-season 2017 opening for Itärastit. Choosing where to go up or down the steep hill to hit the control is always hard, here problems at #6, #7, and #13. The edges of the map both around #10 in the south and around #15 in the north are fairly simply drawn and in need of an update. Warm +22 C and humid.

Kuusijärvi-Bisajärvi 8k

Out for a (slow) run in the forest again. From the Kuusijärvi parking-lot to Bisajärvi and back.

Here's a panoramic view of Bisajärvi:

Iltarastit Luukki, 7k

Time to start the autumn orienteering season - itärastit starts this week, and there are three firmaliiga events starting next tuesday.

OK going on #1-#4, then quite challenging legs and controls on #5-#7. Had no good plan for finding #10, just wandering in the right direction, when a clearer plan via the stone lower down the hill would have been better.

Paloheinä 9k trail-jog

A 9k loop around paloheinä. Here's a skewed panorama of the vantaa river:

HeNe FTIR fringes

Fringes from the University of Helsinki FTIR instrument, while aligning it using a HeNe laser. Imaged with af=600mm lens telescope and QHY5 USB-camera.

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