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Really hot yesterday - more or less 50% walking from #3 onwards...

#1-#2 OK
Just before #3 should have stayed on the white area - it was slower to cross the yellow open area.
#4-#5 OK
#6 a bit surprised to see the control so soon - did not have a good idea of where I left the road.
#7-#8 OKish (down the hill from #7 perhaps a more direct line over the wet/slow blue area would have been faster)
#9 was going OK all the way into the control-circle, but then went for the wrong group of stones and spent about 3-4 minutes extra here.
#10-F easy but quite tired and dehydrated at this point. Should bring water for 60+ minutes of running in the heat!

Firmaliiga at Pirttimäki on Tuesday is next.

Firmaliiga 2/2014, Kattilajärvi



The second firmaliiga event this spring was held yesterday at Kattilajärvi.

I was on the E-course, and had no major problems on 7 out of 8 legs.

On control #5 I managed to spend three times as much time as the best runner!? How is that possible..


  • First I took the wrong direction, by maybe 45 degrees to the right, out of #4 🙁
  • Then I mistook the hill close to #7 for the one on the #4-#5 line, and took the path at almost 90 degrees to my correct direction 🙁
  • When finally getting a grip on things again, around the 90-degree bend in my path, I think I am located somewhere north of the #5-#6 line, and I start to search for the control on the wrong hill 🙁


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#4 didn't cross the blue swamp - it looked quite wet...
#8 looked for the control too soon, in a difficult place on a steep slope
#11 again anticipated the control too soon, even turned back and ran north along the trail for a while. Should have stayed closer to the line, not sure why there is drift to the right just after #10. Why not use the yellow open area as a midway checkpoint?!?

Iltarastit Pirttibacka


#1 close to the control I didn't find the path up the hill. The bigger path left was probably the more popular (and faster?) route choice.
#27 the plan was to stay closer to the line, but probably did not loose that much time anyway.
#29 rounding the hill to the right might have been faster, and close to the control I ran 100m too far on the road.

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#2, bad (easy!) right-ish direction out of #1
#10 too high up the hill from #9 (which was also hard to find)
#11 slow walking up the hill
#12 down to the path and round the steep cliff - maybe straighter would have been better?
#14 OK "on the map" around the forbidden area, but then drifted left down the hill. worst split 🙁
#15 ok orienteering just too slow..
#19 well hidden control on steep downslope
#21 drifting left into the woods when there would have been a straight path

Itärastit Salmenkallio


#1 lots of problems with mistaking one path for the other as well as not knowing which big stone on the map is which in reality
#2 looping close to the control circle - should have a good secure plan all the way to the control
#3 no real route plan and as a result a completely crazy path up&down a big hill. the paths to the left would have been much better probably.
#4, #5, #6, and #7 went OK with #7 being the best split, mostly running on compass-bearing on top of the hill - checking progress form stones/shapes on the map.
#8 drifted too much to the right and going down the steep hill was slow. a bit of hesitation close to the control.
#9, #10, #11 OKish.