Racing Day 3

Five more races completed today in the same shifty/gusty over-land no1 rig breeze as the two days before. The first beat is a bit longer today, and the course is made longer by having a long final upwind beat and finishing between the top-mark and the offset-mark. Results here.

0926 8E starts, general recall

0930 8E starts and finishes 0938

I've raked the mast more upright and found some kind of balance with the no1 rig. The boat seems much better offwind, and I move up from 8D to 8C.

1018 8C finishes after two general recalls

1020, 1022 and 1026, 8B starts three times, recalled twice, B-heat finishes 1035

1045 8A starts and finishes 1053

there is a protest hearing

1116 9E

1136 9D

1206 9C. The course is somewhat skewed and especially on the last long beat to the finish you need to make sure you are not on the wrong side of the course. This is not easy as the wind shifts around and what worked on the other two beats may not work on the final upwind to the finish.

1211 and 1214 9B starts, general recall, starts again and finishes by 1223

(no notes from 9A)

1300 10E finishes

1312 10D starts

there is a delay (?)

1405 10C finishes. I'm seventh, so instead of going up to B I'm called for measurement (no problems with my boat were found). I mess up a good start and a good first leg on the second beat by being on the wrong side of the course. Again the side that was lifted or preferred just a minute ago can't be relied on being good just moments later.

1433 10A finishes.

An A-heat start

1550 11C finishes. I took a small risk and changed down to no2 rig (me and one other boat did). Not a great heat since the wind was not too much for the no1 rig for most of the time. I did pass 2-3 boats that were nosediving on the second run, but my no2 rig doesn't have good balance upwind when there is too little wind.

1622 11B starts

1635 11A starts and finishes by 1644

A course where the starboard right side of the course was blocked by land and the starboard lay-line was very short made top-mark roundings challenging and we saw a lot of incidents here today.

1703 12E starts

1716 and 1718 12D starts but is recalled, starts again

1745 12C finishes. I've stayed in the C-heat for the whole day now...

12B and 12A sail before racing is over for the day. The event dinner at the YCPR clubhouse follows.

Another situation (A-heat) at the top mark where it is very tempting and easy to go upwind on starboard, but then you need to find a way back to the mark on port while avoiding the row of starboard boats.